I was scrolling through Facebook today when I came across a post from the Broome County Sheriff's Office. It stated that an estimated 50,000 vehicles illegally pass school buses every day in New York state. 50,000 Motor Vehicles.

It went on to State all the laws that we should all know and adhere by including stopping while you approach the school bus from the front or from the rear, and always stop for flashing red lights even on divided and multilane highways.

The post also stated what happens if you are caught passing a school bus. First-time offenders could face fines between $250 up to $400, five points on your license, and you could go to jail for 30 days. And even worse, if you hit or killed a child as you were passing a bus you would have to live with that guilt for the rest of your life.

I scrolled down and was looking through some of the comments that people made on the post. People were talking about seeing school buses getting passed earlier today on Route 369, Route 38B, as well as on some roads in Pennsylvania.

I don't care what kind of hurry you are in, STOP for the red lights. Do you really want to force a family to go through the rest of their lives without ever seeing their child again?

The Broome County Sheriffs office warned motorist that local law enforcement offices will be increasing patrols to catch people who illegally pass school buses.

There were also people on the post questioning whether or not the average was actually 50,000 vehicles per day suggesting that the number was inflated. I say one vehicle in New York State per day passing a stopped school bus is too many.

Please, pay attention when you are on the road and whenever you see a school bus look for the lights.

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