We've got some awesome news coming out of the Southern Tier. Some really talented student musicians are making names for themselves in the New York State music scene.

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Ted Clarke of Binghamton High School has just been named an alternate for the New York State School Music Association’s All-State Jazz Band. It's a huge honor and shows just how talented he is.

The New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) All-State Conference is happening later this month in Rochester and Ted will be on standby as an alternate for the All-State Jazz Band. That means if any of the main band members can't make it, Ted will be there ready to step in and show off his skills. How cool is that?'

But Ted isn't the only one to get this far. Nearly 8,000 students auditioned for the event and joining Ted will be Lucas Bernhauer from Maine-Endwell who was picked for Tenor 1 Mixed Chorus, Kailey Labrecque for Flute in the Symphonic Band, Katherine Martin for French Horn in the Symphonic Orchestra, and Hannah Serfass for Soprano 1 Mixed Chorus.

Vivian Ashworth from Johnson City was named as an alternate for the Symphonic Band on the Snare Drum. Caden Stone from Norwich has been selected for Bass in the Symphony Orchestra, and Anthony Pomares not only made the cut for Grade 11 Alto Saxophone but was also chosen for the Mixed Choir.

Madelyn Bishop from Vestal has also been recognized as an alternate for Euphonium in the Symphonic Band. Solomon Chen, Sua Choi, Ian Chung, and Rayna Cui from Vestal have also secured their spots in the various orchestras and choruses.

Talk about dedication and hard work paying off!

Credit also goes to the music education programs at our local schools. Each of these students' talents has been developed thanks to the fantastic instructors there. Kudos to our local schools for creating environments for budding musicians.

We're excited to see what our local students bring to the table at the NYSSMA All-State Conference. This is an impressive achievement that shows they have what it takes to make waves in the music world.

So, keep an eye out for each of these rising stars. We can't wait to see where their musical journey takes them next!

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