It seems to be the safest route for the Troopers and for the public.  New York State Troopers will soon be wearing a new piece of equipment every day.

According to WKBW, New York State Troopers are about to have a new tool on them when they interact with people.  They will be wearing body cams.  The law was signed last June and the deployment of the cameras has already begun.

The Troopers will all be equipped with the cameras by the end of the year.  The first Troop to get them will be Troop G which is the Capital Region.  The rest of them will be issued by troop by fall.  Troop NYC will be next in line for them followed by Troops K, L, F, C, E, A, D and B.  Troopers who are in Troop T (which is the Troopers on the Thruway) will receive their cameras when the rest of the Troopers in their geographical area receive them.

By law, the Troopers have to record interactions in the following situations:

  • Immediately before an officer exits a patrol vehicle to interact with a person or situation
  • For all uses of force, arrests and summonses
  • All interactions with individuals suspected of criminal activity
  • All searches of persons and property
  • Any call to a crime in progress
  • Any investigative actions involving interactions with members of the public
  • Any interaction with an emotionally disturbed person
  • Any instances where an officer feels any imminent danger or the need to document their time on duty

The cameras will automatically start recording whenever a patrol vehicle's emergency lighting is activated, and anytime a member unholsters his or her firearm or taser.

It seems to be the safest option for not only the public, but also for the Troopers.  When stressful situations happen, people tend to remember the series of events differently.  But when it's all captured on video, there's no disputing it.

Expect the rollout to continue through summer and into fall.


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