My daughter, Tara, is getting close to graduating from college and soon she will be entering the workforce. This is really a big deal for college seniors, and those in New York will have their own challenges to tackle.

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Quality Logo Products (QLP) did a study that explores the confidence that the class of 2024 feels when it comes to their future careers and it doesn't look bright. There is a big gap between what they hope for after graduation and what they'll probably end up with.

84% of college seniors across the country (including New York) say they haven't thought about lining up a job for after graduation. The survey also discovered that 43% of college graduates coming into the workforce expect to start their first professional job making at least $60,000. Woah!

The average college graduate's salary is more like $42,000 and that's a pretty big difference. It might be time for those New York college seniors to readjust their salary expectations and be ready to face the reality that adult professionals often don't get what they deserve.

New York College Senior Students Biggest Employment Concerns

One of the biggest worries for college seniors (especially in New York) is whether they can handle the cost of rent and utilities on their first job. Over half (54%) of seniors are freaked out about making ends meet. Just wait until they get married and start having kids.

The study also found that 62% of college seniors, especially those in New York, are thinking about long-term financial benefits including student loan assistance and retirement contributions. Retirement? You've just started working.

Today's college seniors are thinking about securing their financial future, which is no easy feat in a state with such a high cost of living. The survey found that more guys (51%) than gals (46%) entering the workforce in 2024 are willing to negotiate their salary.

New York college seniors are facing a tough transition into the real world, with a big chunk of them not having ANY job prospects lined up. The study points out the importance of keeping realistic expectations, doing some financial planning, and being aware of the competitive job market. In other words, dog eat dog.

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