Isn't it quite a different world we live in today? I miss the way we were prior to March of 2000. You know, before the Covid-19 thing came along and messed with our lives in just about every way privately, socially, and in the workplace.

And of course, the country is divided about what is right, what is wrong, and whether you should be vaccinated. I decided to get vaccinated. My choice, not to judge anyone who doesn't get vaccinated.

Either way, if you are interested in finding out how much you are at risk to come down with Covid, vaccinated or not, I found an interesting site that does that for you. The site is called the microCOVID Project.

It breaks down your assessment through several questions. I answered the questions for when I'm in the workplace and I was given a 'Low Risk' rating based on my answers. When I changed my answers to a gathering, such as hanging outside with friends at camp, it jumped to high risk. One reason was because I don't know how many, if any, have been vaccinated.

You may ask just what is microCOVID Project? Their website contains a calculator which estimates your Covid-19 risk and offers suggestions for lowering your risk. Through the questions, you can lower your risk different ways, including distance to other people, type of face mask, what vaccine did you receive or not, and volume of talking to other people along with other factors.

The microCOVID Project defines a microCOVID as "a one-in-a-million chance of getting COVID." The website goes on to explain that if you are a part of an activity that is 20,000 microCOVIDs, your chance of getting Covid-19 is 2 percent every time you do it.

Check it out for yourself. Visit the microCOVID Project site, and be honest with the questions to see what your Covid risk level is for different types of situations.

via microCOVID Project

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