I think that Binghamton has been 'Hockeyville USA'  since the 70's when the Broome Dusters came to the Arena, but we have a chance to prove it to the rest of the country. However, today is our last chance to nominate your favorite local rink to be named 'Hockeyville USA.'

Every year, the Kraft Foods company selects one town to be named 'Hockeyville USA.' The town's winning ice rink is awarded not only the name honor, but they're given $150,000 to put toward rink renovations.

The winning rink will also play host to an actual NHL preseason game. Seriously, how awesome would it be to have two of your favorite NHL teams playing in our backyard?!?

Here's where your help is needed. One of the ice rinks up for consideration is the Ice House Sports Complex at 614 River Road in Binghamton. We are asking that you nominate the Ice House Sports Complex to be named 'Hockeyville USA' and that you spread the word to everyone you know, hockey fan or not.

When you nominate the Ice House Sports Complex, you'll need to write a little something to explain why you think the rink should win, so here's a little background- the owner is Mike and he's super involved in our community and all about giving back to the world around him.

The Ice House Sports Complex is the home of the Ice House Hawks, which is the only special needs hockey team in the Southern Tier as well as the Binghamton Junior Senators.

The Ice House Sports Complex also gives use of their facilities to our local firefighters each year for their 'Battle of the Bravest' Charity Hockey Game, which raises funds for cancer research.

If you have any photos of Binghamton, of you at a hockey game, even of the Ice House Sports Complex, you can attach them to your nomination. Or, maybe you've got a video showing your hockey pride, you can attach that too.

Once again, TODAY IS THE FINAL DAY to nominate your favorite local rink. After today, the judges will select finalists who will go three rounds of voting. So this is the most important step for the Ice House Sports Complex.

If the Ice House Sports Complex doesn't have enough nominations, they won't make it to the final rounds. Don't wait - nominate the Ice House Sports Complex right now while it's on your mind and then tell everyone you know to do the same!

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