Up until the coronavirus pandemic swept the globe, one might have said that celebrity death hoaxes didn’t happen to Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris happened to celebrity death hoaxes. Any Norris fan will chuckle at that and if you have no idea what that means, you might need to brush up on Chuck Norris memes.

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For the past few days social media users have noticed an increase in rumors circulating around social media stating that actor Chuck Norris had fallen victim to coronavirus, dying from the virus but true fans of “Walker, Texas Ranger” know better than to believe rumors.

A post shared to social media on June 11 stated, “Corona Virus claims a black belt. Chuck Norris, Dead at 80. Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris, famous actor and fighter, died yesterday afternoon at his home in Northwood Hills, TX at the age of 80.

It appears that people only took the time to read the first few lines before hitting the share button. Had they continued to read the post, they would have seen that it said, “However, after his minor inconvenience of death, Chuck has made a full recovery, and is reported to be doing quite well. It has also been reported that the Corona virus is in self isolation for 14 days due to being exposed to Chuck Norris.

And there you have it. Chuck Norris is alive and well. We can all agree that lessons have been learned (or at least we can hope they have been). Always read the whole post, always check the date the post or article was originally written (no, Ed Bradley wasn't resurrected and suffered death again- he passed in 2006 and has stayed very much not alive since), and always check the source before you hit the share button.

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