A lot of families are spending more time in the kitchen and it makes me so excited. So many of my special memories revolve around spending time in the kitchen with loved ones and I feel like a lot of us got away from spending time in the kitchen and now we've found our way home.

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I also get excited when I hear about families allowing their kids to help them cook and taste herbs and spices and make creations on their own. There is nothing more attractive than an adult who knows their way around the kitchen and isn't afraid of flavor.

My husband and I have always included our son when we've created in our kitchen, starting when he was a baby by putting him in a baby swing to watch and now, as a five-year-old, allowing him to help us cook meals.

When my husband and I asked our boy what he wanted to create, he looked at the box of cereal his daddy just bought him and the cream cheese sitting on the counter (to come to room temperature) that I'd planned to use in a different dish and wondered aloud what he could do with both. The answer? No-bake fruit pebbles cheesecake bites.

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