He is one of New York City's beloved characters and attractions. Not so much in Florida.

Times are tough for everyone right now. Even for the Naked Cowboy. As New York emerges from a cold winter, and with things still reopening from the pandemic, you can understand why the Naked Cowboy took his act to bike week in Daytona, Florida. It's much warmer for walking around in tightie whities and with less than, well, tight COVID restrictions, there are just more people to perform for in the Sunshine State right now. More people equals more tips and a almost naked guy's gotta make a living. But Daytona was having none of it.

According to a Post Star report, the Cowboy (Reak name Robert Burck) got arrested recently "...on a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest without violence and cited for panhandling." Apparently playing songs and taking photos for tips is illegal under Daytona's panhandling law. The Cowboy was initially cited for panhandling and ignored police requests to stop, according to the Post Star story. Here is a video of the arrest that has emerged (Please note there is some not safe for work language in this video):

Now in my mind here the real crime is parading around in tightie-whities. I mean, this is 2021. At least move on to some boxer briefs, am I right? And with the hotter temperatures in Florida, some regular boxers would be passable too. That said, isn't nice to be discussing crazy Flordia stories again as the country starts to reopen?


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