Isn't it funny that most New Yorkers don't think that they have an accent but other people think that we do? The same could be said when we head south and hear those immortal words "God bless your heart." If you know, you know.

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Okay, Upstate New Yorkers might not have accents as strong as our fellow residents from the south but it turns out that not everyone loves the New York accent as much as we do.

Highland Titles decided to get to the bottom of this and it turns out that New York accents might be putting people to sleep. According to the poll, 1,000 Americans ranked the New York accent as the least attractive in the nation.

Least Attractive Accents In The World

Out of ALL the accents in the United States, New Yorker's have the worst accent? I wonder if they are referring to the New York City accent as compared to the Upstate one? .

Other accents that didn't do so great in the survey include the Canadian, American Mid-Atlantic, German, and American Midwestern accent. On the other hand, Australian accents got top marks as the most attractive probably because of celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Keith Urban.

Here's something good that came out of the study. Even though the accent of New Yorkers was voted worst in the world it definitely stands out. Participants in the survey said that when they hear a New Yorker's accent, it makes them think about assertiveness and confidence. In other words, they'll give you a piece of their mind.

Most Attractive Accents In The World

British accents on the other hand were considered intellectual and sophisticated and literally nobody is surprised with that result. What do you think? What is the accent that makes your ears perk up and stop to listen to? Does sultry accent count?

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