I love a good veggie.

I love taking asparagus, drenching it in Italian dressing, and burning it on the grill.

I love taking brussell sprouts and getting the perfect caramelization on them.

New York State apparently LOVES broccoli.

Green Giant ran a recent survey and discovered the most popular vegetable in the Empire State, is that little green tree looking thing.

They also discovered that broccoli is the most popular vegetable in 47% of U.S. states. Corn was the second most popular vegetable, and the most popular veggie in 9 states.

Shockingly, Idaho's favorite type of vegetable was peas! A state known basically everything potato, picked something completely different.

Onions and peppers, the best sandwich toppings, were absent from the list. Celery was also omitted, even thought its versatility is endless.

Spinach was also missing from the most popular vegetables list.  

My theory on broccoli being the most popular, is the fact that it is super easy to make delicious.

You can shred broccoli up, mix it with garlic and cheese, and make an amazing pizza out of it.

You can take broccoli and make the most amazing soup. Broccoli Cheddar is the most comforting food of comfort foods.

You can also batter and fry broccoli. You can also fry just about anything however.

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