I'm finding myself on the doorstep of 60 (wow, that sounds so much older than 58), and more people ask me about retirement. The biggest questions that I'm asked are: When will I retire and where will I retire to.

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One thing that I tell everyone is that you have to be careful when you contemplate retiring. Too many people think about what they are retiring from but give little thought to what they are retiring to.

It reminds me of many marriages. There is a lot of thought and planning into the wedding but little time given to what happens after the honeymoon. Unlike the movies, you can't just roll the credits and live happily ever after. There is the next day...and the next day...and the next day...etc.

I have given some thought to where I might move to once my time here is done. I've considered North Carolina, Tennessee, even South Carolina. I hadn't really considered staying in the Empire State but maybe I should.

New York State Rises Up The Rank For Retirement Destination

Apparently New York is climbing up the ranks as an attractive place to retire. Metal-res.com did multiple studies over a five-year time period to figure out the best places to retire.

New York has been ranked as the 21st most improved state for retirees. That's a jump of three places in the last five years. At least it's moving up the list. The reason it may be moving forward is factors like affordable housing, healthcare costs, quality of life, safety and taxes.

They were looking at the rise and fall of state's rankings and took a look at the improvements or declines for retirement destinations. New York is one of the most improved destinations, landing in the 21st spot.

So why the rise? One of the reasons seems to be New York's healthcare facilities. The access to specialized medical services makes it a place for those who prioritize the quality of their healthcare.

Another reason are the world-class museums, theaters and music venues in the 11th state. There are many entertainment options for the retirees to chose from. We also need to keep in mind the access to airports and public transportation.

We can't forget about the quality of the retirement communities like Good Shepard Village or United Methodist Homes...just to name a few. So before you just ride off into the Florida sunshine or North Carolina blue, New York could be that landing spot with its improvements as a retirement destination.

You can see what other states are on the most improved list here, some of the destinations may surprise you.

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