By Thursday, September 10th, almost all of the New York schools will be back in session. It's 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic has changed many things including schools inside and out.

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One of the things to keep in mind when your traveling, is that many of the school bus routes won't be going the same way every day. Read all about the New York State school bus traffic laws here.

But what about walking? Not just to school but anytime. The Broome County Sherriff's Office wants to help. Here are some pedestrian tips to keep everyone safe and alive.

Pedestrians must always walk against traffic:

The safest place is at a marked crosswalk where drivers are expecting to see you.

Walk as close to the left side of the road as possible, using the shoulder or sidewalk.

Avoid crossing the street midblock.

If you must cross midblock, you should always yield the right of way to oncoming traffic.

No sidewalks? Walk against the flow of traffic.

Cyclists must always ride with traffic, not against it:

Stop at red lights and stop signs.

Obey all traffic signals, signs, and use care to avoid colliding with pedestrians, motor vehicles, or other cyclists.

In New York State, all bicyclists under the age of 14 must wear safety certified bicycle helmets.

If you want to know what else the Broome County Sherriff's Office has to say then go here.  I'll admit that when I used to go bicycle riding with my daughter, Tara, sometimes I would forget to go with traffic.

I'd remember when the first car was coming at us...not literally at us but you know what I mean. Be safe for everyone's sake.

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