Anyone see a sloth roaming the neighborhood lately? A New York state man, with a history of keeping exotic animals in his home, has been cited again after an inspection from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

According to the New York Post, the man had housed both a wallaby and a sloth in conditions that were deemed unsafe by the department, and posed a potential danger to the animals. According to the USDA, this man is well known by their agency when it comes to keeping illegal pets in unsafe conditions.

The Post says that officials found the animals in areas of the home where they were either kept in enclosures that were too small, or exposed to other hazards such as exposed wires. The Post also says that this wasn't the first time officials had visited this particular man's house over such infractions.

He had been cited in May after posting a video online of a pet tiger cub wrestling with one of his dogs. The cub ended up fracturing its foot during the scuffle, according to sources.

Now, PETA is calling for the East Rockaway man's animal handling licenses to be revoked.

Maybe it's because of people like this that some animals have decided to fight back? Reports indicate that there are some pissed off fowl who are in no mood for human bulls**t.

PIX11 reported that a man was attacked by a rooster a few weeks ago in Jamaica, Queens. Officials say the feathered bandit got loose from a neighbor's home before attacking the victim.

Now, residents in the neighborhood have been left fearful to walk down the street. The victim told the press that one of his neighbor's was attacked by a chicken in a separate incident. NBC says the bird have been terrorizing this neighborhood for years.

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