Now that Covid is in the rear view mirror, more people are traveling through the air again. In June, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) set the record for the most people screened in one day.

So now more then ever, it's important to get to the airport early. Once you're there and through security, what are you going to do now. For some, it's time to try and get a few winks.

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Let's be honest, trying to catch some shut-eye in an airport can be hit or miss. For those traveling through New York, the sleep-friendliness of its airports can make all the difference in your journey. When it comes to getting some rest, some New York airports shine while others can come up a little short.

Top New York Sleep-Friendly Airports

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York City is one of the top three most sleep-friendly airports in North America. JFK has a lot of different amenities including five massage options, 24-hour food outlets, a shower facility, and an incredible 30 lounges, JFK Airport is the place for relaxation and recharging.

On the other end, some other New York airports didn't do very well in the rankings. LaGuardia Airport was able to get a spot in the top 50 for sleep-friendly airports, mostly because of its nine lounges that provide a place for passengers looking to get some rest.

However, airports like Westchester County Airport didn't fare very well when it comes to its amenities. Leaving travelers feeling low when it comes to comfort and rest. Go here to see how New York airports ranked when it comes to rest and relaxation.

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