If there's anyone who likes a good joke it's me and I realize "good" is subject to interpretation I really enjoy telling dad jokes which drives my daughter absolutely crazy. For example: Why can't you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom??? Because the "P" is silent. C'mon that's funny right...right...right. Is this thing on?

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I may not be the best joke teller but I'm not alone at telling them in the Empire State.. Apparently New York is filled with a bunch of jokesters. Gambling.com wanted to find out which state in the United States was filled with the most jokers.

Guess what? New Yorkers ranked as the second biggest jokers in America! To find out which US states had the biggest jokers, Gambling.com analyzed four different index points.

What State Has The Biggest Jokers In The US

1) Google Trend search volume, focusing on the most popular comedy, joke, and prank search terms across all US states in the past year.

2) Number of comedy clubs per capita in each state, using data from Dead Frog and World Population Review.

3) Number of hireable comedy acts based in each state, per capita, with information from Entertainers Worldwide and World Population Review.
4) Comedy-related Meetup social groups, using Meetup and World Population Review.

After looking at all of these four categories, the website used the PERCENTRANK formula (except for Google Trends because that's already out of 100), and then calculated an average to create a "Final Joker Score."

So who was #1? It comes as no big surprise that it was Nevada. The states were ranked from the highest to lowest final score. If you're curious to see the full rankings of the top 20 states, you can check out the whole report here.

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Finally, I'll leave you with this. How can you tell when a comic passes gas? Because something smells funny. No wonder I smell so good because my jokes are so bad.

By the way, if you want to hear a New Yorker that really is funny, catch Endwell native (now living in New York City) Erica Spera when she comes to the Southern Tier in December.

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