Rite Aid is a name that we all know and trust. The pharmacy chain has been a part of so many communities across New York for what seems like forever and they have filed for bankruptcy.

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Rite Aid has been struggling in recent years and is facing major competition from other big-name retailers. It hasn't been easy and they have been trying to keep up  with the always changing healthcare industry.

It hasn't helped that giants like Amazon have been invading Rite Aid's turf with online shopping as more and more people turning away from the brick and mortar stores. It's no surprise that Rite Aid found itself facing an uphill battle.

The company's decision to file for bankruptcy protection is a way for it to reorganize its finances and streamline its operations. Their hope is that by filing for bankruptcy, it will give them the breathing room they need to come up with a plan and get back on track.

Rite Aid has closed several stores in the last few months and have been preparing to close hundreds more. They will continue to operate its stores during this restructuring process as they make the necessary changes.  As the company works through its financial issues, it's possible that some stores may close their doors for good or be sold off to other retailers.

In the meantime, we can support our local Rite Aid stores. We need to remember that behind every store is a group of local people who rely on their jobs to support themselves and their families.

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