As we get older, some of us think about retiring and retirement homes. Will we be able to find a place to stay during our golden years? It turns out that we are not the only ones that have it on their mind. New York is rubbing shoulders with the top states that are facing a space crunch in their retirement homes.

Have you heard about the latest study about retirement homes in the US? Researchers looked into the occupancy rates of nursing and care facilities across the United States. They've figured out which US states are struggling to find enough room in their retirement homes and the challenges ahead.

Looks like Alaska is topping the list, with 87.29 residents cramped into every 100 beds. Despite being the state with the lowest number of residents compared to other states, Alaska's limited space is ringing the danger bell.

West Virginia isn't too far behind, with 86.26 residents per 100 beds. They have a number of certified nursing and care home beds but the state's has to navigate the occupancy balance properly to take care of its retirees.

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New York ranks third with 85.98 residents for every 100 beds. The state's has a large retired population and it looks like we might have some challenges soon with where all of them will live.

Other states dealing with overcapacity concerns include North Dakota and Florida. New York and the other states on the list will need to look at the issues before it gets out of control and our retirees have no place to go.

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