Over 66,000 coronavius tests were conducted statewide On Sunday and 0.99 percent came back positive.

It’s New York’s 24th straight day below one-percent positivity.

Total hospitalizations fell to 418.

One person died from COVID-19 yesterday, the lowest number since the pandemic began.

"Yesterday we had the lowest number hospitalized and the lowest number in the ICU since this crisis began. One New Yorker passed away and that New Yorker's family is in our thoughts and prayers, but we should pause a moment on that fact. There was a time when we were going through this crisis when we literally had hundreds of people dying every day," said Cuomo.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says New Yorkers have crushed the curve but we can’t stop now.

Cuomo says wear a mask, socially distance and tells partiers to “knock it off.”


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