It seems New York has a "thing" about flavors. A day after NY City schools considered a ban on flavored milk, the Governor took immediate action to ban flavored e-cigs and nicotine e-liquids.

It began Sunday with Governor Cuomo directing the Department of Health to convene an emergency meeting of the Public Health and Health Planning Council to consider the ban. He also directed State Police and the Department of Health to "ramp up" enforcement efforts against retailers selling products to underage youth.

Even though the ban is immediate, DOH officials say they will give retailers a 2-week grace period, until October 7, before making store visits to enforce the flavored ban. Local health departments and District Offices are expected to handle enforcement duties. Retailers can be fined up to $2,000 for each unit of flavored e-liquid or product containing e-liquid that is possessed, manufactured, sold or offered for sale.

Here's the Governor's official press release.

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