When I was growing up in Warren Center, Pa, it was nothing for my friends to jump into the back of my truck. I would borrow my dad's old yellow truck and take the back roads to Frankie's pond to swim.

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Not only would they ride in the back of the truck but they would ride on the sides instead of inside the bed. We never thought twice about it and looking back, I didn't realize how fortunate that we were that no one fell out.

My heart broke when I read about the 6 girls from Oklahoma that were killed. They were in a car that seated four and were all killed when the vehicle collided with a semi. I know they weren't in the back of a truck but it had about the same effect especially since only two girls were wearing seat belts in that little vehicle.

It got me thinking about the cargo area of pickup trucks. What are the restrictions and laws in our area this is what I discovered.

New York Restrictions on Riding in Cargo Areas of Pickup Trucks

New York has restrictions on who and what can be in the cargo area. The restrictions don't apply to trips of 5 miles or less and it also doesn't apply to trips of more than 5 if one-third (or less) are standing or if suitable seats are attached securely and they have side rails and a tailgate.

It also doesn't apply to trips of more than 5 miles if there are less than 5 person 17 or younger in the cargo area or if at least one person is 18 years old or older in the cargo area.

Pennsylvania Restrictions on Riding in Cargo Areas of Pickup Trucks

There are restrictions except for people that are 18 or older if the vehicle is going less than 35 mph. It also doesn't apply to riders that are 17 and younger if the cargo area is enclosed for farm operations, hunting, or a parade.

In some states, it isn't illegal but it probably isn't safe either. If you are curious about restrictions in any of the other 50 states, then go here.

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