A Christmas Story is one of the most iconic Christmas movies of all time. So much so, the movies runs for 24 hours on Christmas. I must admit I watch it about 2-3 times that day, and when I’m not watching its on in the background.


A New York State man set on a six-month journey earlier this year to commemorate this memorable flick in the form of Legos. Jason Middaugh of Marcellus, NY teamed up with his daughter to hunt down 2,000 plus Lego pieces in order to complete his project. Now he is trying to get the attention of the Lego people to show off all his hard work.


The set has all the iconic moments of the movie. There’s the leg lamp, there’s the Red Ryder BB Gun, there’s even that pink bunny suit from one of the funniest scenes in the movie. There’s also the old-fashioned radio which is of course my favorite part of this Lego set.


Middaugh has also created Lego sets based on “The Big Bang Theory” and “Ghostbusters.”


A Christmas Story gas us the classic line “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out,” and now we can hopefully celebrate this Christmas saga with a pretty cool Lego set.


Check out this awesome Lego set here!


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