Just when you think you're day was going really swell, there's always someone there to piss in your cornflakes. A bizarre case unfolded Tuesday when police say a 22 year-old New York man threatened to shoot a FedEx driver with a bow and arrow. Sounds a bit extreme, but police say the reason for the threat may be have had to do with the driver simply singing happy song.

NBC NY says the 38 year-old driver was singing out loud on 59th Avenue as he went about his day, making his deliveries. Perhaps it was the warm spring weather? Maybe he was just having a wonderful day? It appears however that the younger man from Queen mistook the other man's singing as an invitation to his girlfriend. Police say the the suspect thought the driver was serenading his girl and decided to take action. That's when they say he went inside, grabbed a bow and arrow, and then chased the FedEx driver back to his truck.

Officials say the 22 year-old has been charged with menacing, reckless endangerment, harassment and weapon possession. Maybe the FedEX driver just couldn't carry a good tune?

Stories like this are not that uncommon in New York City. And with the warmer weather finally here, and more and more people heading outdoors, don't be surprised to read some crazy tales like these. In March, police were called to the scene when they were told that a man on Madison Avenue was wildly swinging a katana. The 33 year-old suspect was confronted by police, and then lunged at one officer and allegedly punched him in the face and stomach several times. There is no word exactly why the man was swinging the sword around to begin with. Perhaps he had seen too many old samurai movies and was hoping to step up and challenge the Shogun, or seek revenge on those who dishonored his name? Or maybe he was just looking to cause some senseless mayhem for the pure hell of it?

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