We all want to be successful in one way or another and when it comes to business success in America, the Fortune 500 list is the ultimate. But if you want to be the TOP DOG, you want to be a member of this elite club: the Fortune 100.

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Gambling.com wanted to find out which US states have the most Fortune 100 CEOs. They wanted to find out where these top-notch executives went to school,. That way they could rank the states by the number of CEOs that were educated in their institutions.

New York: Knows How to Lead

When it comes to producing Fortune 100 CEOs, the State of New York takes the crown. They found a lucky thirteen bigwigs that graduated from Empire State schools which is more than any other state in the country!

Massachusetts: Not Far Behind

Taking the bronze on their list is Massachusetts. This state is a real heavyweight with ten Fortune 100 CEOs hailing from their fancy-pants schools. We're talking about schools like the world-renowned Harvard University here!

Pennsylvania and Texas: They're Tied at Thriving

Coming in at a tie for third place are Pennsylvania and Texas, they have seven CEOs to the Fortune 100 club. Pennsylvania is rockin' it on the East Coast, while Texas stands out as the highest-ranking state that's not part of that clique. These states mean serious business when it comes to producing successful leaders.

California and Indiana: Round Out The Top Five

Rounding out the top five is California and Indiana, with four Fortune 100 CEOs each. These states have definitely played their part in shaping some incredible business leaders.

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