I try to do my part and help those that need a helping hand. I try to do it anonymously because I'm not looking to do it for my glory. Apparently, I'm not alone because when it comes to this, New Yorkers are doing their part too.

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In a recent study, New York was named one of the most charitable states in the United States landing a top spot in the rankings. Residents from the Empire State are incredibly generous, with a score of 85.41 out of 100. The state took fourth place, proving that New Yorkers have big hearts.

One of the reasons New York stood out in the study is because of our many charity organizations. There are a lot of opportunities for people to get involved and make a difference.

The state's participation in the charitable world plays a big role in its ranking among the top 5 most generous states. From supporting shelter programs and food banks to fundraising efforts and volunteering, New Yorkers don't want to just give a handout, they want to give a hand up and help those in need.

New York's ranking is impressive but it's important to remember that generosity goes beyond our border. People from every walk of life, across the United States, are making a difference in their own unique ways.

We may not hear about that in the news because it doesn't fit their narrative but we see evidence of it all around us.

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