Have you ever seen the movie ‘Inside Out?’ If you lived in my house, I can promise you that you would have seen it no less than 729,431 times. My toddler is a tad obsessed. Anyway, there’s a scene in the movie where Joy and Bing Bong are trying to launch themselves out of a barren pit of doom back to the light. My house reminds me of the barren pit of doom when it comes to cell phone chargers.

Walk around my house and you’ll find no less that 20 various chargers on any given day. Some are plugged in, but most aren’t. Most are dead because my little guy has yanked at them so many times that they’ve rendered themselves useless, but my husband insists we hold on to them because “you never know.” Never know what? I’ve never known a dead charger to resurrect itself from the dead.

There are days that it feels like I need to put my phone on a charger every hour because the battery just keeps draining. And it’s annoying- especially when you don’t have access to a working charger. But all of that might change soon.

According to Thrillist, scientists have created a special material that would change the way we charge cell phones, tablets, computers, and other devices in the future. They claim that our devised would be able to operate using just a couple quick pulses of electricity instead of having to be plugged in all the time to charge.

Not only does this mean that the batteries in our devices would hold a charge much longer than they do now, but they would use 100 times less energy to run. Researchers also think the day may come soon that we’ll only have to charge out phones every three months or so. Sweet!

[via Thrillist]

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