My Dad did many things for me and my family when I was growing up that I will never forget. When me and my brother Jeff reached Little League age, he became the head coach for the Warren Center Little League baseball team. It was an enjoyable experience for me and my fellow teammates.

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I have many fond memories from those years but my how times have changed. Have you been to a Little League Baseball game lately? Things have gotten crazy with parents and fans YELLING at the coach, the umpires and even their own kids.

Many coaches are there to try and help the kids and this is what they get in return. I was asked to be a Little League umpire this season and I thought about it for a moment and decided that I wasn't going to put myself through that torture. I'll just officiate adult league basketball if I want that.

So what can be done before this gets WAY out of control? I hope New York follows New Jersey's lead (who thought I would ever say that...I'm kidding) and helps put a stop to this insanity.

New Jersey Little League Policy

So many umpires have quit after getting abused by parents, so Deptford Township in N.J. has come up with a perfect solution. Little League president Don Bozzuffi put a new policy in place that ANY spectator that argues would be barred from attending any game until they umpired three games as a volunteer umpire.

Bozzuffi's idea was to show them that it's not that easy to do when you're calling the balls and the strikes. It's also meant to remind EVERYONE that little league is not a MLB game and isn't just about winning.

The "volunteer" umps won't be completely thrown to the wolves, there will also be a trained umpire on hand when things get out of hand. I think that this is a wonderful idea, I can't tell you how many parents apologized to me after they became an official and realized that it's harder then it looks.

So New York, it's your turn to come to the plate, and don't strike out on this wonderful New Jersey idea.

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