Budweiser has been deemed the king of beers by many, and continues to dominate the beer world.

They have made their mark in history and are now trying to recreate it.

Budweiser has unveiled their new Freedom Reserve Red Lager, which is based off a handwritten recipe from George Washington. The recipe was found in a military journal kept by the first president during the French and Indian War.

The beer is being made to honor our veterans and our history. Proceeds from this new brew will benefit Folds of Honor, which is a non-profit group that gives educational scholarships to military families.

The beer will be right around 5.4% ABV and is described as being hoppy with a caramel malt taste and molasses finish.

This historical beer is just in time for the summer season with Memorial Day Weekend in just a few weeks. It's also just in time for the Fourth of July.

The beer will be brewed by veterans who work for the beer giant, and will prominently feature their signatures as a way to honor their service. Budweiser will also bottle beer in a throwback, classic style of stubby bottle.

The beer will be available from May through the end of September.

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