Do you remember reading the Choose Your Own Adventure books when you were a kid? I must have owned every single one of them, we're talking more than 100 of those books, and I would spend hour after hour reading them, picking a new adventure each time. My favorite was the one titled, "Who killed Harlowe Thrombey?"

The books weren't really just mine, they were for me and for my siblings, but God help them if any of them tried to take the books from my room. I'd go all flying spider monkey on them. Every once in a while, I'd feel generous and let one of my siblings have a look at one of the books. And by look, I mean, they could look at the cover for a second before I snatched it back.

I have no idea what happened to our collection of Choose Your Own Adventure books and that's a little sad, but Netflix is introducing something for those of us who remember the days of being able to change how the story ends.

According to Fader, Netflix is working on some serious state of the art technology which will allow us to choose the plot while watching Netflix original content. We'll actually be able to choose the direction the story takes, as we're watching the show. Netflix says they're working on programming for kids first and if that does well, they plan to roll out a similar option for adult programming.

[via Fader]

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