The first Thursday in May is "National Day of Prayer"  and now more then ever, we can use a day like today. The Feds raised the interest rate (again) another quarter percentage point as they try to slow down inflation.

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We continue to lose hope in our country and culture as we hear more disturbing news about the things that our kids are being taught in the classroom. It seems like everywhere we turn, we hear of another shooting so maybe it's time to turn to something else and the National Day of Prayer is a good day and way to start.

National Day Of Prayer

This year's theme is taken from James 5:16 "Pray fervently in righteousness and avail much."  I encourage you to take a moment today (and everyday) to pray. The best time for me is on my way into work. I find that it helps if I say it out loud because it feels more like a conversation...Yes, I keep my eyes open the whole time. You can go here for the National Day of Prayer Broadcast that begins at 8 p.m.

National Day of Prayer
National Day of Prayer

It's nice to know that you can talk to someone that'll listen and not tell anybody else. Someone that has YOUR best interest and is FOR YOU every time. Try prayer. If you don't like it, you've only lost some time. If you like it, keep it and you'll have something that'll last an eternity.

If you don't know where to start, I know a really good prayer to begin with that'll give you peace that passes understanding  If you still don't know what to pray then just sing along with this song and you'll feel a difference in no time. It works for me...every time.

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