A line of mysterious lights hovered over the Hudson Valley this weekend and they're headed back overhead all this week.

On Saturday night at around 6 pm, the Hudson Valley was visited by overhead lights that appeared in a long line. The long train of lights was in perfect synchronization, slowly traveling across the night sky. Many who saw it were in awe, taking to social media to find out what it was.

The lights were witnessed not only in much of the Hudson Valley area but also in surrounding states. Although the event looked like something out of a science fiction movie, it does have a much less sensationalistic explanation.

Some who saw the trail of lights thought it was drones, while others assumed it was military aircraft doing some sort of maneuvers. It turns out that the lights weren't drones or aircraft of any kind. In fact, the train of lights wasn't even traveling in our atmosphere.

You can thank Elon Musk for the dazzling show that appeared over the Hudson Valley on Saturday. The lights were actually a train of satellites that are making their way into orbit above the earth. The SpaceX Starlink Satellites will actually be visible again several times this week.

The lights will appear over the Hudson Valley on Monday, December 6 at 5:00 pm, appearing in the southwest for about six minutes. Your best visibility, however, will be on Tuesday, December 7 at 5:53 pm. If you look west to north, the satellite train will appear overhead for approximately six minutes.

There will also be flyovers if you look to the northwest of the Hudson Valley on Wednesday, December 8 at 6:49 pm and Thursday, December 9 at 6:05 pm, but these won't last quite as long. A full guide to viewing the satellites is available online.

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