The countdown to fall is still a few weeks away, but the latest weather is looking like it’s time to think fall, so today I thought I would Blog about some of my favorite fall foods.

I am not a harvest food guy, so squash is not on my autumn menu,  but I may have spoken too soon on the squash thing, because pumpkin is a squash and I love it.

Here are my top five fall foods in no particular order.

Chili: My wife makes the best chili with different types of beans, stewed tomatoes and some spice to give it a little kick. We freeze a bunch and then you can set it out the night before or thaw in the microwave. I also like to sprinkle in some spicy cheezit crackers while I’m eating it

Kibbe: Unless your heritage is of the middle east, you have probably never heard of this dish. It is traditionally made from lamb meat, but we have always used ground round mixed with bulgur wheat, onions and some cinnamon, it is baked like a meat loaf and smells and tastes great, it’s one of those dishes that takes me back to my childhood days and beyond.

Pumpkin Bread: Just the smell of pumpkin bread baking in the oven is enough to bring a smile and an anticipated joy of a nice warm slice with some butter and a cup of joe to complete it.

Risotto: I think fall and winter dishes are much heavier than many of the things we eat during the warm months, and risotto is made with a thicker and heavier arborio rice, simmered in white wine and some kind of broth which absorbs into the rice, finish with some grated cheese, and it goes with many types of meats and vegetables.

Roast Beef Dinner: This dish expresses cooler weather as it fills the house with tradition, warmth and delicious-ness, probably my favorite meal during the colder months.

Now that I have listed some fall foods on the top of my list, it’s time to swing by the store from supplies for a least one of the above. Bon Appetite!

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