It used to be when we thought about going on vacation, we would think about going to the mountains or the beach. For some reason, more people are taking their escape to the big cities. I found this hard to believe but it's true.

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There has been 1300% increase in searches for 'the best city breaks in the world' in the last year. People want to go someplace where they can get lost in history and culture. Maybe it's because our current history is disturbing and is causing us more stress.

SkyParkSecure is a travel expert business, and they recently revealed the top cities in the world that people are taking vacations too. Rome takes  the coveted top spot with Tokyo and Paris following closely behind.

New York City took the sixth spot overall but takes the crown as the best city for the art lover with 703 art museums and galleries/ This is the highest number of the 50 cities that they took a look at..

Looking at the Research

In their study, SkyParkSecure looked at several things including the number of museums, landmarks, and guided tours available in that city. A scoring system out of 100 determined the final rankings.

Top Locations for History Lovers

Rome, Italy: 71 history museums, 3,248 history tours, and 1,648 landmarks, Rome is the king with a final tally of 77.0.

Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo has 85 history museums, 420 history tours, and 4,989 landmarks, resulting in a score of 52.8.

Paris, France: With a score of 45.0, Paris shines with 18 history museums, 1,685 history tours, and 2,512 landmarks.

London, UK: It's rich history lands it in the fourth position with 61 history museums, 1,402 history tours, and 1,279 landmarks. London earned a score of 43.4.

New York: It didn't make the top five, but it shines the brightest when it comes to art. With 703 art museums and galleries, it's #1 for art lovers. It also did very well for it's architecture and antiquing. We won't talk about the other things that are going on in the Big Apple.

So if you're thinking about taking a city vacation this year, think about checking out Rome for history and New York City for art!

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