If you're someone who often puts off your projects, now is the time to get them started along with the help of Mr. Rooter. They’ll get your summer project done quickly and go above and beyond to ensure it is stress-free for you. When I had to use them a few years back for an incident in our house, they took the stress out of the problem.

At the time, my son had decided to flush his diaper down the toilet. I can’t even begin to explain how stressed I was by the incident. To this day, I still remember how efficient and kind the plumbers were. Their positive attitude still comes to mind any time I turn on our shower head or flush the toilet.

I think a lot of their attitude came from being a locally family-owned and operated business. Mr. Rooter is very much an active part of our community, providing professional and clean service that truly is hassle-free.

They also use high-tech video now that isn’t available anywhere else in Broome County. With the ability to have a sharp image, you’re able to actually see what problems you might have at your home. Plus, Mr. Rooter will give you a copy of the video inspection so you can weigh your options.

This could really be helpful in your remodeling projects, especially if you might want to make a smaller aesthetic change to enhance the quality of your shower or bathroom. When I visited their location, Jamie and Tommy let me check out the video they use now. It’s truly unreal compared to other plumbing companies.

If needed for your next project, Mr. Rooter also offers free dig estimates and gives advice on whether you should do a full dig to replace a line or simply seal the pipe, which can avoid tearing up your yard. They also can help with DIY projects that went awry, so if you started something on your own but it’s not going too well, they’ll step in to be sure it’s done right.

Don't wait to start your remodeling projects. Call Mr. Rooter today for an estimate at (607)-296-9837. After all, they are free in Broome County.