My little boy has such a heart for animals, particularly cats. My husband and I took him to a pet store where John stood for well over an hour, talking to the kittens and clapping his hands with excitement.

While a new kitten isn't in our future (I'm allergic to cats, and we're not allowed pets where we live), maybe one is in yours. Or, maybe you adopted a kitten/cat over the holidays. If so, Best 1X has released the most popular kitten names for 2017, so maybe you can draw inspiration from one of these!

Top 10 Male Kitten Names:

4. Oliver
5. Leo
6. Milo
7. Bailey
8. Bagheera
9. Milo
10. Merlin

Top 10 Female Kitten Names:

1. Abby
2. Willow
3. Olivia
4. Lily
5. Jinx
6. Ally
7. Cali
8. Sammy
9. Kawaii
10. Bailey

[via Best 1X]

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