When it comes to thinking about the most beautiful mountain towns a lot of times we think about the mountains in the Western part of the United States. They're nice and all but we don't have to travel that far to enjoy such beauty.

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All we have to do is take a look right here in our very own state to find outstanding beauty. Architectural Digest is known for its expertise in design and living places and they took at look at 118 mountain towns in the United States and some of the towns on the list are right in our own backyard.

Architectural Digest wanted to find out where the best mountain towns in the United States are located. They looked at many factors for every town including the weather, location, air quality, entertainment, and more.

Lake Placid One Of The Best Mountain Towns In The United States

Lake Placid took the bronze medal by coming in as the third-best mountain town to own a home in. The town is close to the airport which means that everyone can get in and out of town easily, and the town also has a ton of winter sports facilities.

If you have ever dreamed of calling Lake Placid home the median home sale price is a reasonable $324,767. While Lake Placid shines as one of New York's top mountain towns, it is not alone in New York State.

Two other towns from the Empire State also earned a spot in the top 50 list of best mountain towns. Lake George and Saranac Lake both found a place on the impressive list.

I find it ironic that the top three mountain towns in New York have the word "Lake" in their title.

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