Parents can be incredibly creative when it comes to raising their kids.  Like these parents who came up with a solution for kids that didn't want to go on the vacation they had planned.

If you're a parent of kids over 10 years old, you know how this can go.  Not every vacation can be Disney.  But when you want to get away for a bit, you want the family members to all be on board.  If they aren't, it can make for a miserable trip.

That's what happened to the Langan family from Australia.  They wanted to go to a place called Warrnambool.  The kids weren't on board.  They complained and they argued about it.  So...the parents told them that they were going to let them stay home and they would take the hardest working family member that desperately needed a day off.

They took their modem on vacation.  And they took pictures.  Lots of them.

The mom, Cassie, told The Today Show that when they came home, the kids were super bored.  The daughter had actually cleaned her room and spent some time with her younger brother.

My guess is that these kids won't be complaining about another family vacation.

It's kind of interesting what happens when we force kids to put their phones down for a little bit and open their eyes to life.  Imagine what it would be like if more adults did that.

What is the most creative way that your parents taught you a lesson?

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