Knock on wood, I've never lost my wallet. But I know people who have and they've shared their nightmare stories with me.

If you've ever lost your wallet, you know how awful it can be to know that your most important personal item is somewhere out there for anyone and you probably won't ever see it again.

And that's why there's really no more amazing feeling than when it's returned.

Just ask 85-year-old Clare McIntosh. McIntosh's wallet was lost for more than 70 years and miraculously just turned up!

Larry Sloan, the owner of a local comedy club was doing renovations in his place, which used to be an old movie theater, when he found an old plastic wallet. Inside the wallet were old pictures and a pocket calendar from 1944. It also contained a Boy Scout card and a handwritten identification card with the name Clare McIntosh on it, so Sloan did a little bit of digging and found McIntosh.

If someone called me about a wallet I lost more than 70 years ago, I probably would think they were playing a joke on me, and that's exactly what McIntosh thought the Sloan called him. But, McIntosh was in for a big surprise when he walked into the comedy club and was finally reunited with his old wallet.

Can you imagine?