A former Miss America, and now head of the Miss America Organization board of trustees, Gretchen Carlson took to Good Morning America to drastically change the beauty competition.

Carlson said the 100-year-old competition will no longer judge young women on their looks, but rather on "what makes you you."

This new stance means the swimsuit portion of the competition will no longer be nationally televised. According to CBS Philly, the competition was designed as a bathing beauty contest in order to keep tourists and their money coming to Atlantic City.

Carlson was asked if she believes television ratings will suffer because of the swimsuit competition being dropped. She believes it will not and claims that the talent competition is the highest rated segment of the show.

New changes also include the gown and evening wear competition. Contestants will no longer be judged on what outfit and gown they chose .

These new changes to the Miss America competition will take place on the upcoming September 9th broadcast.

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