When it comes to Mexican food, Americans are united in their love for tacos, burritos, and all things salsa-filled. According to recent data from the Pew Research Center, 99% of Americans can find a local Mexican restaurant within their county. But what about New York?

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Across the United States,  an impressive 85% of counties have a Mexican restaurant.
The remaining 15% without one have a population so small they they account for only 1% of the total population. That's about 4 million people missing out on the glorious flavors of Mexican cuisine.

There are more than 788,000 restaurants throughout our country and Mexican food accounts for over 80,000 of them. That means over 10% of all restaurants are Mexican restaurants.

When it comes to the geographical distribution, California, Texas, Illinois, New York, and Florida take the lead, proudly serving up delicious Mexican morsels. Other than its taste, affordability is a big reason so many people love Mexican food.

Only a few Mexican restaurants, about 251 nationwide, are considered "pricey" with three or four dollar signs on Yelp. That's less than 1% of all the Mexican establishments In fact, 61% of Mexican restaurants are listed with just one dollar sign, allowing people to eat a mouthwatering meal without breaking the bank.

In New York, where it's easy to find just about any kind of cuisine, the love for Mexican food is strong. New York is home to hundreds of Mexican restaurants that cater to every palate and preference.

Whether you're in search of fantastic fajitas, great guacamole, or tasty tacos, the Empire State has got you covered.

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