A new memorial honoring fallen highway workers across New York State is under construction and will be unveiled at 2021 Great New York State Fair.

The memorial will be located near the midway entrance and west of the Horticulture Building on the fairgrounds.

It's meant to honor all transportation workers killed while performing their job duties on or near New York's thousands of miles of highways,

"These hardworking and dedicated New Yorkers routinely put their personal safety on the line to build our bridges, pave our roads and maintain a safe, reliable infrastructure, so that all New Yorkers can reach their destinations as safely as possible," Governor Andrew Cuomo said..  "We are grateful for the work that these women and men perform year-round and this new memorial, which will be ready in time for the 2021 Great New York State Fair, will serve as a lasting tribute to all the workers who lost their lives while performing their duties."

The new memorial will include a centerpiece featuring bronze sculptures of shovels, hard hats and boots on a platform, surrounded by four bronze traffic cones and a plaque.

Today's announcement also comes at a time when New York State Police and local law enforcement agencies are writing tickets in record numbers to crack down on motorists who flagrantly disobey vehicle and traffic laws in highway work zones as part of Operation Hardhat.

Last year, 1,770 tickets were issued by State Police during "Operation Hardhat" activities, which surpassed 2019's total by nearly 70 percent

This year, troopers have already issued 871 tickets in highway work zones on state roadways. 

The State Fair will run from August 20 to September 6.

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