This weekend, the last installment of the legendary Star Wars series comes out in theaters. As with anything ending after such a long trip, fans old and new wait with bated breath to find out the conclusion to a series that has brought entertainment throughout their lives. But of course, there are also skeptics, those that do not believe the movie will be sufficient for their standards. Whatever the case may be, if you’re going out to see the movie this weekend, here’s just a few things to consider.

Please, don’t ruin the movie for others. While there may be plenty of people who want to know what happens, if the movie is good or even just you wanting to talk about it, please be mindful of what you say and post online. While there are people who want to hear, there are others that would rather stay blind until they get to view it themselves. Please respect those people, make it easy for them to avoid if they want.

Let those who enjoy it, enjoy it, and those that don’t, don’t. Every single person has their own opinions, and as long as they don't hurt others, then there’s nothing wrong with it. If someone enjoyed it and you don’t, leave them be. They have the right to like what they do, and they don’t need people to tell them what they like sucks. Same for the reverse; if someone doesn’t like something, you’re going to create more of a rift arguing with them than you’ll fix.

Theater etiquette is a thing, follow it. For some people, this will just be a normal movie. For others, however, this could be a major event in their lives. Maybe they’re a lifetime fan and are looking forward to a perfect viewing. Maybe someone worked up the courage to finally ask their crush out to see this film. Maybe someone in the crowd has anger management issues and will try to attack you if you tick them off. Whatever the case; turn your phone off, don’t talk, and just watch the movie.

However the movie is this weekend, your life will continue on afterwards, as will others’. Enjoy the media content you like, and let others enjoy what they like. Whether you see the film or not, I hope everyone has a good weekend and a happy holiday!

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