If you’re wearing a coat and hat today you’ll probably fit in with most of the southern tier, residents woke up to a May morning with temperatures around the freezing mark.

I asked Siri what the temperature was this morning and the first thing she said was Brrr followed by “It’s 35 Degrees”

I don’t think any of us saw this cold snap coming, rain is expected through April to early May in the southern tier of New York, but the rains have caused drainage problems for many residents, not to mention the trees falling, and then add in some over night frost.

According to the weather underground we started May with a high of 72 degrees and a week later we are barley cracking the 40 degree mark for the daily high.

So what is the record for the coldest beginning to May?

According to weather dot gov, since 1951 the coldest recorded day in May was 35 degrees, so we may have broken the record.

I’m no botanist, but this wet cold weather can’t be great for the plants and flowers many of us put so much time into caring for during the spring.

On a personal note my lawn is a soggy mess, it will take days to dry out enough to start landscaping and mowing.

I guess we just have to wait knowing that this will pass, but still I speak for most of us when in say mother nature, where is May and what have you done with it?

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