Maren Morris is fine being on the frontline of country music's evolution. In a new interview with People, she says her desire is to help make country music more inclusive by continuing to be outspoken about inequality.

Morris has already done her part to help heal the divide through her music — including through 2020’s “Better Than We Found It” — and by showing support on social media and at awards shows. She says she will continue fighting for these ideals even if it means losing fans.

For the fans who do come along with her, she’s committed to making her her shows a safe space for all.

"It's not going to be an overnight thing to feel like it's more inclusive, but I am seeing it change for the better," Morris insists. "Even if I've lost fans along the way, I'm truly willing to put my own ass on the line to stand up for what's right."

"When you come to a show of mine, I want it to feel fun and safe," she continues, "And anyone from any walk of life can show up that night and know that they will be accepted. So if I have to slap off some randos along the way, it's honestly for the betterment of country music."

Morris' continued dedication comes in the midst of a years-long dialog about racial and gender inequality within the format. The singer has long been one of the artists leading the charge for change, and she exhibited that at the 2020 CMA Awards when she used her acceptance speech for the Female Vocalist of the Year award to recognize Black female artists in country music. 

"There are so many amazing Black women that pioneered and continue to pioneer this genre, and I know they're going to come after me, and they've come before me, but you make this genre so, so beautiful," she said at the time. 

The country star says the confidence to speak out about what she believes has come with time, but she’s also found strength through raising her 2-year-old son, Hayes, with husband Ryan Hurd. 

"He's already taught me so much about how to be a person," she says. "It helped me see things in a deeper way and just feel more empathy for my fellow humans, having to raise one."

Morris has been busy readying her new album, Humble Quest, which was released on Friday, March 25. She will set out the Humble Quest Tour this summer.

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