As I get older, I've learned to appreciate the things that I've been blessed with. One of my biggest blessings are my parents Carl and Donna Pitcher. I call them "Pops" and "Masquaw" and today, April 13th, they are celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary.

58 years with the same person is incredible because many couples can't survive 58 months or 58 days. Half of the marriages including Christan marriages don't make it and that doesn't include the loveless marriages that stay together because of the kids or "convenience."

Marriage Is Tough

Marriage isn't easy especially if you are with the wrong person, then it's almost impossible. As time has gone by, I have learned to admire the way my parents have stuck together through it all. They make it look easy but I'm sure it wasn't all the time.

They have a great foundation and that's where you need to start with any relationship. If a house doesn't have a good foundation then it's going down when the storms come along. The same is true in marriage and if that foundation is weak, it may only take a gusty wind to make it sway.

My parents have done it right by putting things in the correct order. They made Jesus first, each other second, and then their kids. If you do that, it can make for an amazing and rewarding journey.

Important Question For Married Couples

I know couples that have done it in the opposite order and I have a question for them...How has that worked out for you? Not pretty.

Another thing that has helped them is having Christian friends that they can go to when things aren't going their best. They pick each other up and go through life together through the good and bad times. They enjoy each other's company and they hold each other accountable.

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Thank you, Pops and Masquaw for showing me how doing it right looks. Happy 58th anniversary and thank you for never losing faith in me when I didn't have faith in myself. It may be your anniversary but you've given me the gift. I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH.

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