It’s cold. Plain and simple. It’s not bitter cold or brick cold, just plain COLD. With the cold comes a multitude of problems. One of the scariest ones is your pipes in your dwelling freezing up and eventually bursting. Luckily the internet had given us some tips on how to avoid a watery, expensive mess.


The easiest way to make sure your pipes don’t freeze is to simply keep the heat on. This is the most basic trick of them all. You can actually open all your cabinets in your kitchen and home to allow even more heat to reach your pipes.


Another well known trick is to let your faucet drip. I always thought it was to keep water flowing but I was wrong. The constant drip allows for less pressure in the pipes which can actually unclog a frozen blockage on its own. That’s science for you.


Something cool that I found is heating tape. There are a few versions but the most interesting one is tape that plugs in. You can actually apply the tape to a pipe and when the temperature drops just simply plug the tape in. It’s like a heated blanket for your water system!


 [via the balance]

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