The Maine-Endwell Little League continues to impress. In August, they became the World Series Champions. Since then they've been to Citi Field, Yankee Stadium and the New York State Fair, just to name a few.

With all the accolades that they've been receiving, they remain humble and continue to give back to the community.

Recently Olum's wanted to show their appreciation for all that the team has done. They were offered a field trip, party and even new equipment. In a move that surprised no one, they decided not to keep the money for themselves.

They wanted to take the money and send it to to a local charity or group that could use assistance in our area. So the team and Olum's decided to donate one thousand dollars to the Children's Home of Wyoming Conference, 1182 Chenango Street in Hillcrest.

These young men continue to impress us by the way they handle themselves and give back. We all could learn something from these young men.

[via Olum's]

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