Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, are known for going all out when it comes to costumes for their infamous prank war, but they like Halloween, too. In 2020, the country power couple used their well-honed skills for shenanigans to come up with a truly "cheesy" couples costume.

The pair showed off their finished product on video via Instagram on Saturday (Oct. 31). For Halloween, the "One Margarita" star is going as a giant wedge of cheese! Of course, his wife has a matching look, donning a mouse onesie complete with giant ears, a matching nose and oversized buckteeth.

The couple spared no detail when assembling their costumes. Bryan's sporting a cheese-yellow top hot and matching tights, suspenders and Crocs, while Caroline wears Mickey Mouse-style gloves and jumbo white shoes. In fact, Carolina posted a teaser video to her own Instagram feed, showing off every detail behind the elaborately-thought out couple's costume:

Then, in full Halloween attire, the pair goofed off on social media, with Caroline attempting to take a nibble out of her "cheesy" husband — until he slaps her away.

"Who cut the cheese?" Bryan writes in the caption.

The Bryans aren't the only country couple to attempt a joint Halloween costume this year, though their look is more evergreen than Jason Aldean's trendy, and very on-brand for 2020, family costume. Aldean and his wife, Brittany, decided to tip their hats to Tiger King fever with their Halloween looks, with the singer dressed up as Joe Exotic and Brittany in costume as his husband. The Aldeans' son, Memphis, is dressing as a tiger, and 20-month-old daughter Navy plays Carole Baskin, Exotic's big cat loving-nemesis and a recent competitor on ABC's Dancing With the Stars.

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