Have you voted yet? It's a bit weird saying that, since most of us traditionally vote on election day, November 3rd. Sure some vote through absentee ballots, but early voting really hasn't been something that most of us took advantage of anyway, until now that is.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the law allowing voters to take advantage of early voting in 2019, which allows eight days of early voting in the State of New York. Many states allow early voting without excuse.

I decided to take advantage of early voting this year, since I'm not sure how busy my polling place will be, and with our annual Food-A-Bago food drive happening during the week of election day, I wasn't sure if I would have enough time to vote.

My first attempt was on Monday. I drove by two of the four polling places to find that liners were much longer than I wanted to stand in. I came back on Tuesday at the Oakdale Mall, and from the time I joined the line to the time I walked out after voting, it was exactly one hour. Not bad at all. I drove by one of the polling places today during an errand run, and noticed the line only had about a dozen people waiting to get in. Maybe if you vote on election day, you won't have a long line to stand in, since so many took advantage of early voting and absentee voting. Or I could be completely wrong.

As I left the polling place, I made sure to grab the 'I Voted' sticker to proudly declare that I did my civic duty. There were three choices of stickers to choose from. While they are nice, don't you think we could have a more creative type of 'I Voted' sticker?

I've seen some from other states that have logos or landmarks of the state. Maybe we could go even further with stickers proudly displaying the county or municipality we live in. I saw one from Maine that had a moose with in a flannel shirt displaying an 'I Voted' sticker. It looked good.

Las Vegas, Nevada has a cool 'I Voted' sticker that displays some of the casinos on it. I think our state needs to show it's pride and put something on it that makes us New York proud! Maybe an 'I Voted' sticker displaying a spiedie sandwich. Yea, probably not.

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