You're with your family for Thanksgiving and the conversation is getting slow. You don't want to start talking about politics because that never ends well...unless you don't want to be with the family for Christmas.

If it doesn't pick up, then Uncle Russ is gonna tell his story about the time he was shooting his gun for target practice. He'll explain how the bullet must have hit in the exact same spot because there was no way that he would have missed the target altogether.

So why not try some T-giving trivia to help things along:

5) When the Pilgrims were sailing to America in 1620, what game did they play? Darts. Maybe my Uncle Russ could show off his shooting skills by having the darts hit on top of each other. Now that story I would believe.

4) At the very 1st Pilgrim Thanksgiving in 1621, they feasted on deer meat, turkey and what else? Popcorn brought by the Indians.

Maybe my sister and sister-in-law aren't as crazy as I thought when they put un-popped popcorn in the turkey so they could cook the turkey and pop popcorn at the same time.

3) What was one of the main reasons that the Pilgrims stopped at Plymouth Rock? Because they ran out of beer......and the porta potties were overflowing

2) There's no evidence they celebrated Thanksgiving the next year. How many times have you got together with family and then thought "let's not do this ever again?"

1) The 1st Thanksgiving was no solemn religious occasion. It was a 3-day party that included gambling and target shooting. I would bet 98.1 dollars that my Uncle Russ didn't really hit the same spot twice in a row while he was target shooting.


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